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So it's break time in Iowa City, there is ample parking day or night, and the few of us who remain in town shout "howdy, neighbor."  I am currently occupied with a few scattered projects, but nothing I can really discuss openly.  I have mixed feelings about this break... I am chomping at the bit to get into some computer science classes that actually challenge me as opposed to the intro-level class I had last semester.   This coming summer will signify the completion of all my undergrad requirements that aren't program-specific, so the really challenging classes won't start until next fall.  

I was listening to the Bullseye program's Jessie Thorn interviewing Judd Apatow yesterday, about his new movie, "this is 40."  Mr. Apatow made a really interesting comment about how as adults with families we have all these diverse responsibilities and expectations on us, from financial to emotional, to keeping up our relationships.  His conclusion was that it's really impossible for us to be good at all these things.  I find this observation incredibly reassuring.  As I've gone though life I've always felt like I let too many things fall through the cracks, and it's great to hear from someone recognized as successful in his field that this is a universal feeling of the human condition, or at least within modern western society.   

My darling son discovered friday night, the hard way, that mom and dad are serious about the whole "don't stick things in your ears" thing.   As far as we know, he didn't do any serious damage but the poor little dude has been fairly miserable for going on several days now.  Hopefully the lesson will stick, and with any luck it will apply to other useful parental advice. 

Well, that's all for now.  Wishing you and yours a happy holidays since, if history is our guide, I won't be updating until well afterwards. 


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